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DISCIPLINE - Normal / Unmanageable Hair

Hair Care for Unruly Hair

Discipline your unruly hair to achieve smooth or define your naturally curly hair for shape with our Discipline hair care collection. 

  • Tame unruly or curly hair
  • Leave hair lightweight

Mousse Curl Idéal

Mousse Curl Idéal
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Definition Bounce Care Mousse for Curly Hair

150 ML


Defining mousse that enhances curl shape, promoting bounce and a soft finish.

  • Enhances curl shape and definition without rigidity
  • Promotes dynamic bouncy curls with a treated, soft care hair touch
  • Provides frizz control


  • Apply to cleansed and treated damp hair
  • Spread along the length of hair with a scrunching gesture
  • Leave in and style as desired.



Patented molecule which is the association of 3 amino acids [Arginine + Serine + Glutamic Acid] with wheat protein derivative and Ceramide R

  • Smooths the hair surface
  • Ensures fiber by fiber cohesion
  • Hair is replenished and smoothed


Extremely malleable elliptic shaped protein that contains 12 amino acids found in the hair. Obtained by Hydrolysis to improve its consistency

  • Gives elasticity to the hair texture
  • Strengthens fiber where hair bends
  • Hair is strengthened and defined

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