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hair care and styling techniques.

Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company consists of highly trained artists in global hair treatments and modern styling techniques. The friendly atmosphere of our Nevada salon combined with the specialized skills of our professionals will leave you and your hair looking beautiful and envy-worthy. Come in and experience our quality salon services today.

If none of your friends are asking “who does your hair?”, come see us!

Our Las Vegas experts specialize in the following services:


Our hair salon in Las Vegas, NV is complete with the finest furnishings, security systems, and other resources to guarantee your comfort and safety while we work to achieve your hair goals.


When you visit our hair salon in Las Vegas, expect a seamless, pleasant experience from beginning to end.
These core values are what we lean on to make that happen:


What we do at Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company is our passion and profession. Everyone in the team takes our jobs seriously, and we hold one another accountable to the highest possible standards of conduct, character, and ethics throughout our organization. As your professional hair stylist, we also hold ourselves accountable to you. We strive to do our very best to earn and maintain your trust.


We work hard to provide each client with a high level of service. We listen, anticipate, and love transforming your hair to the best of our abilities. We also structure our professional and service fees to be as direct and inclusive as possible, as well as competitive for the quality we offer. All of this combined allows us to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction.


The hairstyling industry is a creative one, and we exclusively employ people who can merge creativity with professionalism successfully. Think of Canyon Falls the same way you may think of a marketing agency or any other highly-trained, educated team of creatives working together to produce something beautiful and on time.


How comfortable you feel in our space is important to us. Canyon Falls is an intimate salon, but we also welcome clients from all walks of life with different hair types. As a result, there are days when our space is incredibly busy. Regardless, we follow a strict cleaning and maintenance schedule that keeps our salon looking clean and fresh. After all, the condition of our working space reflects our professionalism.


Brandi M.

Las Vegas


I had an amazing experience with Kim today. She was very informative and made sure to go over any concerns I may have. She pulled my box black dye and gave me beautiful highlights. I can’t wait for my next appointment so we can get to my hair transformation goal :slightly_smiling_face: I couldn’t ask for a better salon to go through this process with. Thank you!

Jennifer R.

Diamond Springs Estates, Las Vegas


I love Cynthia Jackson’s work. She is very knowledgeable and attentive. She talks through the steps that your hair will need to take to achieve the end result you want. My hair has always been a pain to deal with and she helped me to maintain my color and make it more manageable for me on a daily basis. I cannot wait to go in for my next appointment!!!!

Jenn C.

Henderson, NV


Canyon falls has the best quality hair in town! Always super helpful when me or my clients are buying extensions.


Canyon Falls Hair Extension Company is in the epicenter of Henderson, NV, approximately an 18-minute drive away from Sin City, Las Vegas. Our philosophy is centered on years of experience, integrity, dedicated personnel, and continuous education to provide everyone who walks through our doors with excellent hair salon services. Our mission has always been simple and straightforward: to provide the ultimate salon experience by honoring your transformations, big or small, inside and out.


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        Las Vegas Location Moved to

        330 E. Warm Springs Road, Suite 138 Las Vegas, NV 89119

        Located Inside the Offices by McCarran Airport

        We sincerely thank our loyal customers for their years of support and patronage.

        Salon services are no longer available.

        Our offerings now exclusively focus on hair extension purchases.