Master Hair Designer/Color Specialist

Kim has over 15 years experience in the beauty industry. She began her career in Seoul, Korea where she studied at two high end beauty universities. Her dedication to achieve a complete understanding of the finer aspects of beauty then brought her to America to continue her education. Her international education gave her a basis of Asian hair and skin techniques blended with American design, resulting in a comprehensive education on the science, history and art of creating individualized beauty. Kim has won a number of awards and was trusted as the lead stylist for a major television news anchor team. She prides herself as an artist that specializes in techniques that bring out the beauty in all types and colors of hair and skin to accent her client's natural features. Kim fuses an extensive education, service values and industry experience to create a professional atmosphere dedicated to the perfection of beauty. She can be contacted directly at 602-515-1774 for an appointment.

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